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Old 25th February 2012, 21:58
Stainy Stainy is offline
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Default I fail at life

Ok, So the general idea behind SA is that We have irrational thoughts about ourselves which hold us back. But for me, this isn't the case. I'm not good at anything. I fail at everything i do. I've always been at the bottom of the scrapheap.

Honestly, I've tried thinking positively and rationally blah blah. But the reality is that I fail at life. From things like jobs and education to things like walking down the street or pouring a drink I always mess it up.

What can I do about it? How can I ever be happy when I'm always at the bottom?
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Old 26th February 2012, 12:12
MissL MissL is offline
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Default Re: I fail at life

Please kinder to yourself Stainy! Whatever you have or have not done in your life to date does not make you less of a human being, and I think you are being unduly harsh to yourself. I used to feel very negatively about myself but I have found a lot of comfort in being kinder about myself. The thing is it took me a long time to realize I was being negative to myself. I thought that the way I was speaking and thinking was just honest fact. I had built up this way of thinking over my entire childhood, through to my late 20s...that take time to dismantle! I still have SA and I realize where it has held and still holds me back but I feel so much happier. Happiness is one of the most important things. I hope you will be feeling better soon
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Old 27th February 2012, 03:23
mhealer3 mhealer3 is offline
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Default Re: I fail at life

i agree that positive 'self-talk' is important.
it does take time & effort to see results though, so be patient.

many of our problems come from childhood & involve lots of old hurt.
did someone in your family tell you that you were a loser or a failure?
become kind to yourself. nobody is better than you, but we are each unique.

if u don't like u, who will?
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