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Old 16th June 2022, 11:02
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Default Self fulfilling prophecy? Have you thought of how this influences your life?

Recently I have because there are certain new security guards at my workplace that I don’t dislike but was extra anxious around. I notice as I was extra anxious around them I felt guilty that I probably come across a bad. Now that I’ma little less anxious around them I feel like since I was anxious I have to remain that way to not be seen as fake or something.

I haven’t really told anyone about my anxiety issues much at work. But I get the sense that some people see it as a learning disorder or something and hence treat me as less capable. I probably need to change my perspective on learning disability, I think I see it as a weakness so take it as deep criticism of anyone assumes I have one rather than seeing it as thinking differently like I would type that I do.

I watched the linked video yesterday and stuff on self fulfilling prophecy and realised that my work environment sets me up for failure. Even my household. But apparently we have some control to change our self fulfilling prophecy by challenging ourselves.

I woke up angry because of the thought that I am set up for failure.

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Old 16th June 2022, 22:51
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Default Re: Self fulfilling prophecy? Have you thought of how this influences your life?

I think i understand what you mean. I think the first thing to say is that blaming yourself is neither true or productive, though i suspect thats a bit of a statement of the obvious. Try to be kind to yourself as much as you can

I struggle with how i come across to people and have definitely gotten into the trap of effectively acting the way i was worried people thought i was acting. I wont pretend i have addressed that but i have gotten better at challenging the behaviour.

My advice, for whatever its worth, is get into the habitnof challenging yourself when these things come into your head. And i do mean very litterally having a word with yourself. It does 2 things... first, it helps you get better at recognising when your being too hard on yourself or doing something that you know feeds into these kinds of problems.. second, its the first step in addressing the critical thinking pattern.

By no means would i suggest it always works but i have a much better success rate with it now than i did maybe a decade ago... it can at least help you filter out some of thw smaller stuff and give you breathing space to work on the bigger things
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