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Old 1st April 2021, 21:08
waine waine is offline
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Default Re: What are you scared of being revealed?

And that I'm a failure but that's already known anyway lol
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Old 2nd April 2021, 00:52
3stacks 3stacks is offline
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Default Re: What are you scared of being revealed?

Mostly that I'm not good enough

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Old 2nd April 2021, 11:40
Tembo Tembo is offline
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Default Re: What are you scared of being revealed?

With the men asking fathers permission thing, I was really surprised about it as well, which is why I said about it in the office. Usually I’d keep quiet about such things, but I really didn’t think it was a thing anymore. Maybe it isn’t that common anymore, but the 3 others in the office (including women) were quite defensive about it, with the one most annoyed being younger than me, so not a generational thing either it seems. People take the mickey out of other cultures outdated traditions, but we can hardly talk!

Anyway, back on topic, thats one of the reasons I tend to stay fairly quiet. I don’t like to reveal some of my unconventional opinions, this forum largely being an exception though
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Old 3rd May 2021, 10:07
Spuggy Spuggy is offline
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Default Re: What are you scared of being revealed?

If i think on it, there are or is a flaw/many flaws in my character/personality that ive spent my entire life seemingly trying to hide.

Its a pretty common held oppinion but im bloody shit at everything.

Ive so much self doubt/low confidence/no self esteem that as long as i can remember ive avoided putting myself outhere. I even avoid board games with my children. They just think i dont like playing board games. Its because I fear looking like an idiot.

I have avoided any competitive situation as much as I can and dread those times when I cant get out of it.

It doesnt have to be in a situation where its V someone else. I apply this pressure on myself when doing anything. Take gardening for example. I wont do more than mow the lawn (even when im doing this im asking myself if im doing it right) because I dare not attempt potting plants incase I do it wrong.

The affects that this had on me throughout my life are mind bending. I feel ashamed that this has controlled my almost every decision for as long as I can remember.

Im in my mid 40s now and its only been within last few years that ive sought therapy. Upto then i didnt know what it was I living with.I just thought I was socially awkward as a personality trait.

So, i guess my fear is being found out that ultimately i live upto that voice in my head. Its winning everyday.
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