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Old 2nd July 2009, 19:00
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Default New User Guide

In this guide we aim to cover the basics of using the SAUK chatrooms, and answer some of the questions most frequently asked by new users.

Firstly- Choosing rooms and how to access them:

SAUK has two rooms, #sauk-lounge and #sauk. While both rooms aim to provide a supportive environment for SA sufferers to chat and socialise the tone of the rooms and the rules* for each vary. In #sauk-lounge there may be swearing or topics of an adult/contentious nature, while #sauk gives priority to SA discussions in a milder "family friendly" atmosphere. The rooms can be accessed by following the instructions in the sticky threads in this sub-forum. You can use or "log into" both rooms at once, to do this while logged into #sauk-lounge type /join #sauk or if you are in #sauk type /join #sauk-lounge .
( *Please note that by using chat you are agreeing to abide by the rules as found here )

If you are having problems accessing the chatrooms this way, please click here

Who's Who and starting out:

Once you're in you'll see a list of the other chatters in the room on the right side of the screen. At the top of the list some names may have different symbols next to them. Ops/operators have a @ beside their name and are chatters who have volunteered to help supervise the rooms,make sure the rules are followed and try to answer any questions users may have. (Some ops will have a & symbol beside them, showing they are also co-owners of the rooms).
Please be aware that chat may be quiet for periods of time even if there seems to be a lot of people in the room. This is partly due to the natural ebb and flow of conversation but also some chatters (and ops) choose to stay logged into the rooms while browsing the net,eating,watching TV etc. We know this can be off-putting for new users due to the very nature of SA but please don't let it deter you, as you become more used to the rooms you'll learn which are the busiest times when you're most likely to find someone to chat to.


Once using chat you'll probably hear people mentioning "PM's" (Private Messages), conversations only you and the other chatter involved can see. To PM someone double-click on their name and a new window will appear with their name on it, rather than the name of the room. Anything you type in this window will go directly and only to the person whose name you clicked.

Changing/Registering your nickname:

To change your nickname type /nick mynewnickname. For example to be known as ABC you would type /nick ABC . You can alter your nickname at any time using this command, although please note doing it too often can be annoying and confusing to other chatters. If you become a regular chatter you may want to register your nickname so that only you can use it. To register follow the steps here

Smileys (emoticons) and acronyms:
Smileys are symbols often used in chat to show how a person is feeling,or how something they say is intended. (For example if something was meant as a joke, sarcastically etc). Below is a list of some basic/most commonly used smileys to get you started. They are meant to represent a face,if you can`t see the connection try tilting yor head to the left - you will see the left/first character is the eyes, and so on. (Sometimes eyes will be represented by : sometimes = or X, and some chatters leave out the character for the "nose" but the basic meaning stays the same).

:-) Smile
:-D Big smile/Grin
:-P Sticking tongue out
;-) Wink
:-| Undecided/Not sure what to say
:-/ Frown
:-S Unsure/Oh dear
:-( Sad
:'( Crying

Several much used phrases are often abbreviated or turned into acronyms for speed/ease of use in the chatrooms. Rather than typing out a whole phrase some chatters use just the initials of the words. Below is a list of the most commonly used and their meanings.

LOL = Laugh Out Loud
WB = Welcome Back
BRB = Be Right Back
BBIAB = Be Back In A Bit
AFK = Away From Keyboard
PM = Private Message
OP = Operator/Moderator
Newb = Newbie, new user

Contacting us:

We hope this guide has helped make chat seem a little less daunting for first time users,
most other questions or issues should be able to be answered/resolved at the time they occur,either by by PM-ing an Op and asking for assistance, or posting on the chatroom forum here . However, if no Ops are available or you don't feel the situation was handled to your satisfaction please contact sophie79 via PM on this forum or email saukchatops at

Happy chatting!
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