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Old 25th September 2018, 02:11
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Default Instructions for using chat with Hexchat

As an alternative to the rather temperamental Mibbit, you might want to use a chat program to access chat. One such alternative is Hexchat. Thanks must goto regular chatter yaztromo for the following instructions:

Open your Web Browser (instructions based on MS Edge)

Navgate to

Click on Windows7+64bit Installer

A pop up will appear at the bottom. Click Save

Open the installer:

Click Yes at the User Account Control prompt:

When the installer window appears, click Install

It is safe to accept all default options and agree to service terms. There is NO malware in the Hexchat installer. Finally click to run the program when finished.

You will see a list of possible IRC networks to connect to. Unfortunately the one we need for SAUK is not on the list so we shall create it in a second.

First though enter a username you would like in the fields at the top. You do not have to use your SAUK username if you do not wish to. The alternate names will be used if the name you want is already taken when joining chat.

Nickname and username are normally kept the same.

Now we need to add the IRC network for SAUK.

Click Add next to the Networks Pane. Change the text New Network to Foonetic and press Enter

Now with Foonetic highlighted in the list. Click Edit and a second Window will appear to edit the properties of this network.

We need to assign an IRC server to our new Network. Click on newserver/6667 and click Edit.

Change newserver/6667 to Then press Enter. This is the hostname of SAUK IRC server.

Tick the box Connect to this Network Automatically. Your screen should now look like this:

The final setup step is to add the SAUK channels we want to autojoin when connecting.

Click on the Autojoin channels tab.

Click Add

Type #lounge and press Enter

Again, click Add

Type #sauk and press Enter

Your screen should now look like this:

Click Close on the Edit Foonetic Window

Finally tick Skip Network List on Startup. This will stop the network list appearing in future.

Make sure Foonetic is highlighted and click Connect
A note on the rooms:

#sauk is a quiet place for people that need to talk about Social Anxiety issues. There's not a lot of chatter in here, but you can find someone to help if you need to talk in a a supportive environment.

#lounge is for general chat about anything. This room has the most activity among users. Feel free to not speak and just get comfortable with being there, or feel free to jump right in and say hi. It's completely up to you.

Here's a not so great attempt at showing the main parts of Hexchat.

New messages you type will appear at the bottom, until you press Return, then they appear in the main chat area.

On the left is the Channel Selection window. You can choose which chat room to see here.

The right window shows the current users in the room. Users with a green or orange circle are moderators.

If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to post in this subforum where questions will be answered as soon as possible.
Old 25th September 2018, 07:25
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Default Re: Instructions for using chat with Hexchat

Great guide, thank you. You can also get it on the Windows Store too. (Click free trial, never expires).
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