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Old 29th September 2018, 21:51
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Default How to register your nick

Rizon NickServ

The name you use to chat on IRC is called your nick. You may be more familiar with the term nickname, display name, or username. It’s a good idea to register your nick if you plan to use it regularly. This makes it more difficult for others to impersonate you, and provides people with an indication that they’re talking to who they think.

Here’s a short guide to the key elements of using NickServ:

Registering Your Nick

To register your nick, connect to Rizon as usual, and type the following command in your IRC (chat) client:

/msg NickServ REGISTER yourPassword your@email.address

Replace yourPassword with your desired password, and your@email.address with your email address. This should result in an email being sent to you with a further command to type in order to verify your address.

Identifying Yourself

Once you have registered your nick, you should identify yourself after logging on to Rizon. Your IRC client may well have a setting to do this automatically, perhaps under a section called “NickServ” or “Services”, with space to put a nick and password.

If your client does not have any settings to do this for you, you can manually send the following command, or maybe find a setting to send the command for you each time you connect:

/MSG NickServ IDENTIFY <password>

Or, if you are not using your usual nick, with:

/MSG NickServ IDENTIFY <usualnick> <password>

Where <usualnick> is your usual nick.

Identifying Yourself (Mibbit Users)

If you use Mibbit and have registered your nick, you can use the following links to access the channels in a way that prompts you for both your nick and your password:



Securing Your Nick

Once your nick is registered, it is a good idea to set some basic settings to prevent others using it. Some of these settings are set by default, but provided here for completeness:

/msg nickserv set kill on

This will prevent anyone using your nick while you are not signed in.

It's also a good idea to hide the channels you are in from people who aren't in the same channel as you, and to also block private messages from people who you do not share a channel with. Add this command to your startup commands.

/mode yourNick +pG

Using Multiple Nicks

If you use several different nicks, perhaps because you connect from several different devices, you should link them all to the same account on NickServ. To do this, connect using your new nick, and type the following commands in your client:

/MSG NickServ IDENTIFY <registerednick> <password>
/msg NickServ GROUP yoursecondnick password

Where <registerednick> is your usual nick. Both nicks are now linked, and share the same settings.

Note that each nick’s registration will expire separately if not used, so make sure you use each nick from time to time to maintain its registration.

Forgotten Password?

You can get an email sent to yourself to reset your password using the following command:

/msg NickServ RESETPASS yourNick

Rizon has excellent documentation in the form of a wiki. For further information on nick commands see

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